French Horn Shaped Case Greenline


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Outside Features:

- Material technology from renewable natural fibers 
- Screw attached Cordura cover 
- Additional foam material lining of the cover reduces temperature fluctuations 
- No use of toxic glues due to One -Shot press technique 
- Resistant, shock absorbing hard cover 
- Water repellent and weather resistant 
- Lightweight build to maximize low weight and optimized for easy -carry 
- Two -way YKK® zipper locking system 
- Backpack system with 2 carrying straps 
- Comfortable non -slip fabric handle
- Large music pocket

Inside Features: 

- Inside lining consists of high quality, eco -friendly cotton velvet 
- Odorless inside as no toxic glues are used 
- Polystyrene insert instrument protection system for optimal protection

All measurements in inch and lbs

Weight: 3.15

Instrument length: 41
Instrument width: 32.5
Height machine: 8
Bell diameter: 30.0

Case outside
Length: 48.5
Width: 40
Height: 30

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